Saturday, February 13, 2010

Almost a year and a half!

Amanu refused to let going to the bathroom interfere with his peanut butter! EWWWW!!!
Valentine Tea Party
New baby for Christmas

Amanu giving his big sister Braden her gift.

Bethi giving her big sister Braden her gift.

Amanu LOVES playing with any kind of ball. He wore himself out!

Bethi's Christmas program. Amanu wanted to cheese it up!

The kiddos have been home with us for almost a year and a half! Hard to believe. They are doing so well. Problems we have with them are minor. Such as, Amanu was peeing in my shoes for awhile...he's over that now! He liked his juice sippy cups at night and never slept well. The juice is now gone and he is sleeping much better!!
Bethi likes to argue with her daddy a little too much. She thinks she's the boss of him sometimes. ; )
She loves school and has lots of friends. She really worried me at first because she was clingy with her teacher.She is reading mostly by herself now and enjoys it.
Amanu is so amazingly bright, the things he says amazes us daily! He has such a good memory.