Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ok, Since i grossed everyone out with the surgery pics, here are some much prettier pictures!
Thank you for the well wishes for my mom. She's doing pretty good!
Can you tell I'm just W a i t i n g for our referral??? Our dossier went to Ethiopia 12-06-07.
21 weeks tomorrow!
I know it HAS to be coming soon! This last month has made it seem like we have been waiting
F O R E V E R!
Everyone getting their referrals, bringing their little one's home, it is SO exciting!
Several families with CHI are waiting to pass through court. The dates are getting close!
I am so excited for them all!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Mom's knee

My mom had to have a knee replacement yesterday. She's been a real trooper for over a year of putting up with a bum knee. Shots did not help anymore, nothing helped anymore.

So....time for a new knee!!! Poor mommy!! She wanted to get it done before we get our kiddos home. She definetly did that! She's doing pretty well for this being the day after surgery.

All i can say is OW!! OW!! OW!! OW!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I Love musicals! The very first BIG one I saw was, MISS SAIGON. It was amazing!! That was a long time ago,but I'm still amazed. While waiting for our referral I've been BELTING OUT in randomnisity(I like it as a word!) lines from musicals! Although I'm sure I frighten hubby QUITE often,he thinks the singing helps me get that pent up feelings of frustration out! SOOOOO....To all my friends that are waiting for a referral,waiting on their I171H,or gathering papers for your dossier....JUST SING!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Waiting doesn't seem to be fun! Imagine that!I look at the clock, ALOT!!
When the phone rings, you wonder....
When the phone doesn't ring, you wonder...
Pick it up,JUST to make sure the phone is operable!!
Cell Phone...Is it charged??...This is rough!!
When our dossier was complete, I thought,piece of cake! I can wait!That will be the easy part!LOL!!HA HA to myself!
Now 19 weeks down the road,it's more like a piece of sludge than cake!!
At least i'm out of the "Wahhh" stage!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Children's Hope International just celebrated their one year anniversary for the Ethiopia Program!!! Happy Anniversary!! What a difference they are making for a lot of families!!

Hopefully there will be some referrals coming soon! I know there are some families very anxious to hear their phone ring. Of course us included! Our wait so far has been 17 weeks.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


(You can see how red my face gets when i get embarrassed.)
Saturday night we went the the Community Theatre.The name of the play was "HONK".
It is a take off of THE UGLY DUCKLING.It was really cute,it had a lot of sexual innuendos like "SHREK",where the kids don't pick up on it.One of my daughters friends played HONK.I have pics of me and him after he became the swan.He was really good.The bad thing is, the HONK!!!stays with you into the evening. Shawn and I kept Honking at each other!Such an annoying sound,I know!We then went to Pizza Hut (woo hoo)Nothing else was open! It was like an old date night!Pretty fun actually!Came home and watched the movie "Fractured"(It's a gotta see) Shawn fell asleep! Somethings never change!