Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amanu finally gave up running from his cousin. Ava is 8 months younger, but 3 more pounds than Amanu! So yep, he runs!

Bethi and Amanu both love to play outside!

Don't have the pics yet but as of September 25th Bethi now rides her bike with no training wheels!She is SO proud of herself!

This is at the Magic House in St.Louis. Bethi had to go see an pediatric orthopedic for her toes. She has two bones in her big toes. We are looking at surgery in June of 2010. She doesn't want to miss any school.

Making the BIG bubble was hard!

Fishing at the Magic House. Amanu didn't want to leave!

Back Home

First day of school for Bethi!!She's wearing her Hanna Montanna shirt. Before we got the kids I was the one saying i didn't want our kids into all the "commercialized" clothing like Disney, etc. Guess what? First things she wanted when she got to America!

I LOVE this pic! I was sad! What a lonnnng hall!

This pic was taken on Amanu's 2nd birthday. September 16th

He wasn't feeling to whoopy that day, so no party that day!