Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Happenings

Amanu enjoying some of his Grandma's Birthday cake.

Meeting a new cousin named Aiden. Amanu LOVES babies!! He is so gentle with them.
If you're over 2 years old though, watch out! Not so gentle!

The kids enjoying Katy Days Celebration in Parsons, Kansas
Parsons is Shawn's hometown.

Bethi and Amanu love digging in the gravel driveway.

An outdoor summer wedding to attend.
Bethi needed stage time!

Playing at Great Grandma's farm.
Easter was alot of fun for Bethi and Amanu.
Of course Bethi has to spend time with her big sister,Braden.
Braden will be moving in July from Kansas City.She is moving to the Detroit area for her med school clinicals.I'm gonna miss my baby girl :(
(Yes I have TWO baby girls) LOL!

There was a fire...Not our house but Shawn's parent's. It's a gonner. They are safe and in a new home now after 3 months.

We are going to attend an Ethiopian Gathering in Eagan, MN next weekend.
We are really excited to be on our first LONG road trip! 8 plus hours......Yep, we're crazy!
We want to go especially this year since we have been home 9 months now. Bethi has forgotten all of her Amharic language, and not remembering much at all. Hopefully this get together will boost her memory! I hope so.
Anyway...that's how our summer has been so far!