Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can you believe it???

They both LOVE their daddy!!!

Holding his babies is Shawn's favorite thing to do. It even beats playing basketball on most days. Bethi knows if she cries, her daddy will stay home instead of going to join his basketball friends. I think I'm finally getting him convinced that she's fine once he leaves!! Hmmmm.....can you say "SPOILED"???
Mommy has her figured out!!! Her crying doesn't work on me! LOL! The next book we buy is going to be THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF!!! She can turn her tears on and off at the drop of a hat! Other than that, Bethi is a pretty good little girl. She loves to play with her dolls and stuffed animals. She loves to look in the mirrors and practice crying faces! She loves her clothes! And she eats ALMOST all kinds of foods I cook. Just some alot more than others. Tonight we had porkchops and I thought she was going to eat the bone too! We gave her another pork chop instead. Afterward, she pranced around showing off her "fat" belly! Size 4 slim!!! Bethi is learning English really well. She uses language at funny times too. She hit her head on Shawn's chest pretty hard. She popped up and said "I'mmmm OKeyy"......
We always tell her good job when she says something correctly or does something good. She had a Dora the Explorer paddle ball, showing it to Amanu. I pointed at the paddle and told Amanu, "Dora!" Bethi said " good job mommy!"
Amanu is such a sweet baby. He is no longer just a daddy's boy!
Sometimes he reaches out for me when Shawn has him. He has battled alot of sickness. In Ethiopia, and continued here at home. He is finally acting like a baby that feels well!
He pulls himself up, but doesn't walk around holding onto furniture. His little bitty legs....
He turned one year old September 16th. He is much smaller than a one year old. He now weighs 18 pounds. That means he has put on 2 more pounds since being home.
He really doesn't know HOW to play with toys. What he does like, is the doggie toys. He know Sophie our Miniature Schnauzer, will play keep away with him if he has her toy. Amanu sometimes trys to grab the furry porcupine, but accidently pulls on Sophie's schnauzer mustache. Sophie is pretty good with him and even lets him plop down on her for a pillow. I think she realizes that's where all of her extra food comes from!! Smart dog.
Bethi doesn't like the dog, and the feeling is a mutual one. Maybe someday. (when Bethi quits kicking her)
Amanu likes to be in his walker sometimes. He can really get into alot more when he's in it. I had a table runner with a plant on it. I heard a crash......Amanu has now taught me not to use a tablerunner!!! I did go grab the camera!
I think Amanu's hair is finally growing, Bethi's hair is HARD to take care of! I would hate to think of doing two girls hair each day! Good thing a boy can go to the barber!! Shawn has been back to work for 2 weeks now, and met a new coworker when he got back. She is African American, and is going to come braid Bethi's hair!! Yayyy!! She said we can leave braids in for 2 weeks. So I am happy! What wonderful timing!
Speaking of Shawn and work..... When he comes home from work at night the kids are so glad to see him! (tired of mom) Amanu gets SO excited when his daddy comes home!! I definetley need to get a video camera! Amanu's little face looks like it's like Christmas morning!!! It's so cute!

WOW! Time is flying by! Two Kiddos are keeping us really busy!!
To top it off, as I'm writing this Amanuel has really found out he can scream for no reason!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A few pictures

These are random pics of our first few days in Addis.
Shawn was definetly learning to change diapers. Bethi loved smiling for the camera! CHI friends Kate and Nathan, with their new baby girl. Lots of city pictures.

We flew EMIRATES AIRLINE. They were wonderful. On the way to Ethiopia we had a stayover in Dubai for the one evening. It was kind of nice because we were rested and fed before our meeting with the kiddos. Nothing like a shower at 3:30 in the morning!! We couldn't sleep!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is our meeting for the first time!! We didn't know it was about to happen! Amanuel is a daddy's boy! I plan to change that soon!! He was sick with upper respitory and ear infection when we arrived. Luckily I had taken an antibiotic for him and Bethi, just in case. His poor little ears were draining. his chest rattling, and fever and snotty nose. Bethi seemed pretty healthy.
Amanuel was handed to Shawn, and Bethi jumped right into my arms. Definetly love at first hug for Shawn and I.
Not to say everything is sunshine and butterflies!!! With a sick baby and a giggly little girl that likes to try her limits, and her parents patience, it has been just this. Fun, exciting, happy, sad, exhausting, exhilerating, stressful, and an amazing journey.
We love our little ones so much!
Foods are not a big problem. Sometimes Bethi won't try something new. Once she finds out we don't care if she trys it, she will eat it.
Amanuel will let us feed him pretty much anything. Mashed potatoes, which Bethi wouldn't try, he LOVES!

I shouldn't complain about not trying foods. We stayed at the HOH. I really don't like to try new foods either. Since we stayed there, I did try more foods than i ever had before.
My tummy did not agree with some things i ate, or i just got a bug from Amanuel. Amanuel and I both were pretty icky at out tummy's for a day or two.
One of my really awful days, Shawn learned how to take care of two kiddos on his own. He was wore out. He did so well though!! I really was proud of my hubby!
Amanuel did learn to like me a little bit better after Kate and Nathan loaned me their Ergo for a day. It was enough time to at least let me hold him later a few times around his daddy. (thanks guys!)
I am rattling on in no order, but just wanted to post and say hi to everyone!! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!

(sorry for this pic Shawn!)