Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sooo, Amanu had tubes put in his ears. He is doing really well after having that done. If anyone remembers, he had gunk oozing out of his ears when we picked him up in Ethiopia. So, much better!
He had a trip to urgent care 2 weeks ago after falling out of the rocker. He held his arm close to his side, and was whining all day. Nothing broken. Thank God!! After being wrapped (for a short while) 2 days he was all better!

Braden came to visit and Bethi of course had to have her picture taken with her... Bethi loves her Braden!

Valentine's Day was fun with the kids. Shawn and the kiddos got me an unexpected trinket. It's a really cute charm necklace. You buy whichever charms you want to put inside. Mine have hearts that say MOM, FAMILY, and one that has 2 hearts for the 2 kids.

Last weekend we had a SURPRISE 40th birthday for my little sister. She has been going through alot lately (divorce,house issues,etc.) so we decided she needed cheering up!!

I'm hoping all the court dates go through easily! Congrats Elise and Cindy!! What cuties!!!