Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yep! NO pics!! I will be really glad when i get another computer! Meanwhile Shawn says the kids are enjoying my undivided attention! I guess he thinks I was on the computer ALL DAY!!
Well, I have to check on everyone to see how the adoptions are going.....

The kids are doing really well. Bethi now will go to sleep in her own bed without crying.
Amanu has to be rocked to sleep. (our fault)

Amanu is getting tubes in his ears tomorrow. Poor little guy has had ear infections since we first met him at HOH with the ooze coming out of them. I hate to have him go under anesthetic.
The whole staff at the specialists office thinks I'm a little overprotective! Oh well!
We have to be at the surgical center at 7 am with no bottle after midnight tonight. He loves his bottle, so that part ought to be good.....UGGH!
Amanu talks alot and very well for not being able to hear very well.
He loves talking. His favorite things right now are, The itsy bitsy spider, This is the church this is the steeple. He wants to do this over and over. He'll say "more, more".

Bethi is loving everything it seems. Cooking with mommy, and playing basketball with daddy are her favorites.
She's really good with her little brother too. Poor girl has to give in all the time so he doesn't scream.
We love to hear her say her name. Bethi Shaye Harrigan. It almost SOUNDS Irish when she says it! She is so cute. She doesn't speak Amharic much at all anymore. I really miss it.
Water is the only word she says in her native language on a daily basis. She doesn't speak to much about Ethiopia. I wish she would talk more about it now that i can understand her.
We started using Bioinfusion olive oil lotion on her hair. It really does seem to give her the little curls i love on her.

I hope to get pics on soon. They have both grown so much! They are such cuties.
Hope everyone is doing great!!