Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Summer!

July 19th was Bethi's 5th birthday!!

Amanu enjoyed it too!

She LOVED her cake!

4th of July

Playing in the sprinkler.
Bethi eating her favorite food. Mashed potatoes.

Amanu snuck the rest of the chips and salsa!! He loves it!
Vacationing in Minnesota. they love hotel life.

Mehaber in Minnesota.

Ethiopian dancers
Mall of America

Tight fit!

Rainforest Cafe (overrated!)
Add Image Amanu fell asleep drinking Dad's pop.
It will be one year home soon. Amanu has bonded well, loves both of us now and not just Shawn. He fights with his sister, loves to play any kind of ball, and talks alot now! His favorite handy fridge item is cheese slices.he just changed his name for Bethi. He did call her what sounded like "cease" because we called her sissy I guess. He now calls her Bethi correctly. He will bring us a book and say "read me" If he doesn't know where in the house we are, he will holler "where are you?" He is one busy boy! I wouldn't have it any other way.
Bethi has bonded well. She crys alot to get her way. Doesn't always work, but she trys!
She loves to ride her bike and loves to watch cartoons. She loves to rent a video and watch it all by herself in her room.
Recently we had our final post-adoption report. I knew it was coming, just as it had all other post adoption visits. The next day she kept saying how she misses her Ethiopian mom and dad. And especially her older sister. This has been going on for 3 days now. We try to comfort her, but it is so hard to see her hurting.
She is such a sweet little girl. Loves people, and always has a smile. I hope someday her hurt goes away.
Looking forward to Kindergarten!!