Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am still in shock!!!But SOOOO in LOVE!!!
We have a little girl that is 3 1/2 years old,and a little boy that is 9 months old!!
They are so cute!!OK, he's handsomly cute, and she's beautiful!!
As everyone knows,my wait time was not one that i liked,or enjoyed! I don't mind it all now,because I know these were the two kiddos meant for Shawn and I!
Here is how the day went....

My new co-worker went to lunch early.We don't close the office during lunch hour.
I like a late lunch at 1pm so she gets the 12 noon.At 12:30 she was back at her desk,and so i was contemplating going to lunch early.Then i thought,no it's better to go at 1pm so the rest of my day goes by faster!Am I glad i didn't go to lunch early.
Like i said my co-worker is NEW! This is her 2nd week there.Our main boss has been out of the office for awhile.(read a previous blog about her son):(
New girl is 22,fresh out of college,with a business degree!!But does anyone like blond jokes!! Don't get me wrong! She is really sweet,but YOUNG!!She is QUICK to answer the phone!!! Way quick!!By the way,she's also blond and a size 0!(gotta love her!)Her and i were the only one's in the office.The phone rings....
New girl:Farm Bureau,may i help you?.... May i ask who's calling?
I'm thinking,there is only me and her here. Wonder who wants me?
New girl:It's Hope International,or something like that.
I'm thinking,something like that????
I pick up the phone.
Me: This is Lisa
(not word for word,cause i went kind of numb.Shawn is trying to help,but he was flying high)
Toni:Lisa this is Toni.I have some news for you.
Me:SCREAM!!!!!!!!LOUD!!!!!!!!!!I mean,REALLY LOUD!!!!
Toni:I think we need to get Shawn on his phone,OK?
Me:Yes!kind of laughing nervously!
So while i'm on hold- I am emailing Amanda!!I'm writing things like-I'm on the phone with Toni!!Next email-AMANDA!!!!!
Finally she answers while i'm still waiting on the phone.She replies,"what,what,is this it?" or something like that.
Toni:Are you both on the phone?
Toni then goes on to tell us all about our little ones.YAYYYYYY!!!!!!
She said i had to wait for Shawn to get with me, before i could look at the email.
He was only 9 minutes away.I was good and didn't peek!He didn't get there quick enough for me,so i called him to tell him to hurry!!Meanwhile i called Colleen,and Amanda to tell them.
I went to a back office to pull up yahoo email in there,for some privacy.
I heard Shawn come in,and new girl told him i was in back. He kissed me right away,and we told each other how we couldn't believe how lucky we were!
We chatted a bit,pulled up pictures and fell in love!!
It was weird when i read an email from someone later,i was like,oh who got a 3 1/2 year old???Geesh! It was me!
I really hope we can make it through court before they close!!! I don't want to be away from them anylonger than i have to be.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


> The only difference is...I turned 30 *WEEKS* waiting for our referral!There were 6 children referred this week to four families.There was a sibling group OF 3!!Congrats to all on your referrals!!
This brings us a little closer to our referral! I HOPE!!I can't wait to get the call!! For real!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm a Great Aunt!

This is good practice!
My Niece Brianna gave birth to Ava Renee on Saturday the 14th.She weighed 7#2oz.She's a cutie! Great Uncle Shawn(tee hee)is pretty surprised at how little she is.

My parents are great grandparents now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


To all my bloggy buddies: My boss,who is also my very close friend,has a 17 year old son that was in a horrible truck accident.I used to pick Brandon up from grade school and bring him back to work for his mom.He hit a bridge early this morning head on.He was life flighted after initial treatment of getting blood out of his chest cavity,then had surgery after they reached the trauma hospital.He never has regained conciousness,has swelling around? his brain,and is having brain damage type seizures.They are having to do surgery on his broken femur and some other leg bones.They need to go ahead and do this because of sometype of something(chemical) that a broken bone releases, that's not good for you.The Neurology Surgeon says it's a wait and see right now.I know this is every mothers nightmare.
Please pray for Brandon and his mom,Amy.



Last weekend we went to Kansas City to the CHI annual picnic.The special guest star was Ryelynn!!! Stacie,Zach,and Ryelynn had perfect timing as they traveled to KC to visit Stacie's sister.Ryelynn was of course,beautiful!She doesn't get tired of the swing!!Her son Zach is really sweet! He has the most gorgeous eyes!Stacie had brought picture albums of their trip. It was amazing.Even more real than seeing the pics on the computer.On the way home,Shawn just kept saying how AWESOME this and that was,about what Stacie had shared about her trip, and Ryelynn.
Shawn had the camera,so he really only took pics of Ryelynn!Imagine that!!Anyway it was great getting to meet Stacie and kiddos.Shawn does NOT take good pictures!!
After the picnic (which we didn't eat)We went to my favorite BBQ place in KC,Arthur Bryants.Then we walked aroound Legends Mall, stopped at Shawn's favorite place,Chipotles and got food to take home!I Love Legends Mall!
Shawn always plays basketball,usually at the YMCA.Always on Sunday's at 2:30.
I was taking a nap about 3:00 when i heard thudding noises!! It was Shawn walking!!He had landed on his ankle wrong. The same ankle that has screws and plates in it. It was swollen big time. So off we go to the ER.It wasn't broke just a he got wrapped and a gel splint.I guess I'll see Shawn around more since he can't play ball for awhile! Poor guy!!<

No news of any referrals.....I give up making it before court closure.
(The way i REALLY feel about it????) WAHHH!!!